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Wholesale Next is an online Garment Shop that offers thousands of different categories of garments for both Men and Women.

about us

About Us

Wholesale Next is an online Garment Shop that offers thousands of different categories of garments for both Men and Women.

Wholesale Next is subsidiary of Easto Group founded by Mr. Gorakh Rai, which is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of wide range of Garments. Our wide range includes Authentic Steel Boned Corsets, Alternate Dresses, Subculture Clothing, Leather Wear etc. plus we manufacture accessories like Leather Bags, Shoes, Clutches, Necklace, Wallets etc. We have started a new venture for the convenience of the worlds 56% population of women who need it to be special for the big moments of their life.

Wholesale Next started their manufacturing from 2010 as a leading leather garment and accessories manufacturer and doing some great business promotion with India based buying houses. Now the company needs to spread the “Looking Gorgeous” theme to this womanized world of fashion. We could enhance feminine grace & elegance with our beautiful Corsets.


“Looking Gorgeous” is our goal to create clothing that beautified to celebrates the art of the female body. We are producing high-quality corset to get satisfied customers. Mr. Gorakh Rai has started this business with his small team in year of 2010.  It was a very humble beginning with the help of our head turner ideas and a small likeminded team, who still uses the main principles of celebrating female body shapes in every new design he or she produces.

To all of you, from all of us at Wholesale Next – Thank you and Happy Hours!