Drop shipping Model

Drop shipping can be explained as a supply chain management procedure inclusive of

  • Retailer (Your Brand)
  • Supplier (Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Trader)
  • Customer (Your own Customer)

The three mentioned above are part of drop shipping in which the retailer does not have to maintain the stock or buy it (investing huge capital) but at the same time can have n number of products on their website from manufacturer (Wholesaler Next). We can classify the drop shipping process in three steps mentioned below.

Step 1:Customer places order and pays the retail price.

Step 2:Forward order to supplier (Wholesale Next) and pays wholesale price.

Step 3:Supplier (Wholesale Next) ships the product directly to customer.This has become a prevailing technique opted by most of the retail businesses.

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About Dropshipping

How businesses earn?

In retail/dropship business, numerous retailers earn their profit with the difference between the Wholesale price and the Retail price. Also, on the basis of sales commission some retail businesses earn a good percentage which is paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.

How quickly to be a part of drop shipping store and earn profits?

Well sit back and relax, we are here to assist you.

You may join us and:

  • We can provide you complete product details (Images, Prices, Description).
  • You can start listing & marketing products from Day 1.
  • Regular customer support for any query and issue (so you don’t have to bother).
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What are the benefits deriving from Drop shipping?

      Entering market place has some merits and demerits. We are here to introduce you with both. The below mentioned are some benefits:

  • Capital requirement is comparative less:

    This is considered to be one of the biggest advantages derived from Drop Shipping. Launching an Ecommerce platform does not require an investment of thousand dollars. Through drop shopping model you need not to make a purchase until and unless a sale is confirmed and customer had paid you for the order made.

  • Get started with it easily:

    With introduction of drop shipping, you need not to look after managing or even to look after where you need to put up your stock. Also, packing and shipping of the orders is easily managed. Return of shipments can be easily managed as you will be informed for all the returns and will be delivered to your address hassle free. Management of inventory or stock and receiving orders on a continuous basis can be handled with drop shipping model.

  • Reduction in overhead costs:

    Now when there is no involvement of purchasing of stock, managing your warehouse etc., your expenses are going to cut down. Also, drop shipping business can be run from home. But it may grow as per the growth of the business. The only thing that you have to bother is marketing and rest is on us.

  • Location is flexible:

    You even don’t require a perfect location for office, your home can be your workplace. It just comes to the concern of communicating with suppliers and customers with an ease. Till the time this is managed, you can manage your drop shipping business.


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Select the Style

E-mail the selected style SKU (item code) to info@wholesalenext.com and we will send you the complete detail for the style on e-mail which is required for listing a product.



Order Place and Pay

Once order is placed on your website, send us the order with complete details including shipping address and we will raise the PayPal invoice for the same and you can pay directly from there. Once payment is done, we will ship the product directly to customer.




Tracking No. will be shared with you once the order is shipped.