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Cross dressing and corsets are much more common than we think.  The history dates back to 1800 when men used to elongate their figure and create a juxtaposition between their shoulders and chest.

Cross dressing is the act of wearing clothes and accessories of opposite sex in the society as a matter of disguise, need, drive, self-actualization, and comfort. We personally don’t think there is anything right or wrong in it and feel it’s one’s own choice how to dress or live. In fact, there are many people in the society who are born as males but in actual want to have a feminine figure and live as females. For these people, corsets provide an affordable solution to their cross-dressing needs as compared to expensive surgeries. A steel boned corset helps to narrow down waist by or more than 6 inches, At Wholesale Next we cater all kind of customization in terms of Fabric, Design, trims and much more.

Corsets for cross-dressing

We all know that each God creation is unique in its own way. Be it men’s body, women’s body or anything else. Usually, males have longer body, wide torso, wide chest and undefined waist as compared to females bust and hips. So, the same corsets of women will never fit men. Few men even try wearing corsets upside – down. For cross dressers men it is essential to buy or make corsets separately. Wholesale Next uniquely design corsets for men and help them to achieve a realistic feminine figure. The perfect fit corsets give them confidence and help to stand out.

We recommended you consider these pointers while purchasing a cross dresser corset –

  1. Consider length of corsets –

Prefer short and mid hip length corsets to prevent the discomfort which can happen because of long length while sitting. These are designed in a way to compress the tummy while allowing hips to expand. They also give freedom and ease of wearability to the occasional corset wearer as well as dedicated tight lacer.

  1. Overbust verses Underbust corset in men –

Males don’t have breasts and their chests tend to curve inwards above the nipples. So, if a corset is made to high (over bust); there will be a gap between the skin and corset in males. In the case of cross-dressers, men wear brassieres to give breast contours, so it won’t be that problematic, thus Wholesale Next manufacture it keeping everything above in mind. Further, the actual torso of males is bit concave as compared to convex of females so, it’s difficult to fit over bust corsets as compared to underbust corsets.

  1. Consider Navel while giving measurement

In crossdressing, men should locate their waist about one inch above their normal navel, to produce the illusion of a normal feminine waist.

Some crossdresser considers corsets to be uncomfortable, but they are comfortable if fitted properly.

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