Wholesale Next - What we have to offer

Wholesale Next - What we have to offer

Wholesale Next has been in the business for more than 10 years. In these years, we have sold many products, with time we have evolved, but one thing that remains the same is that we never compromise on quality. Wholesale Next is an online ecommerce website offering products to retailers and dropshippers that offers thousands of different categories of garments for both Men and Women. Our corsets have been a huge hit.

In this post, we will tell you about the types of corsets we offer and how you can style them. First of all, let's start with the benefits of corsets. If you think that corsets are uncomfortable and not good for the body, read on to bunk this myth:

Perfect Figure

Who doesn't want a perfect figure? Your dream figure can be a reality with the help of corsets. If you are looking to achieve an hourglass figure like celebrities, waist training with corsets' help is your ally. You have to use them for a few months to see the stunning results.

Fashion Statement

If you are a fashionista, you must be knowing that corsets make quite a fashion statement. Corsets are used as outerwear as well. You can pair it with a skirt and an oversized blazer, long-sleeved shirt, and leather pants; you can even pair it with a dress. You can experiment with the looks. Fashion police approve corset as outerwear. So go on, try different looks, and create your own fashion statement.

Lose weight with a corset

Yes, you read it right, you can lose weight with a corset! People who wear corsets see a weight reduction, how you may ask. Well, corsets compress the stomach due to which you have smaller meals, you feel full easily. When you consume fewer calories, you automatically see weight reduction. Also, since the stomach is squeezed, the corset's wearer gets rid of fluids through sweat, which also reduces weight. We recommend eating healthy and nutritious meals for weight loss.

Better Posture

With today's lifestyle, many of us have posture defects. Lack of exercise, wrong way of sitting, and standing affect our posture. Corsets are not only great for looking good, but they also help you maintain the right posture. Since corsets compress the mid-section, you don't slouch. You tend to sit and stand straight. When you wear a corset regularly, you form a habit of maintaining the right posture.

Feel Confident

Want to feel confident? Wear corset. When you wear a corset, you look stunning; you get the hourglass figure. Curves at the right places make heads turn. Also, corsets improve posture defects. When you sit and stand straight, you feel confident. When you have any important occasion, wear corsets to raise your confidence level.

Reduces Backache

Do you suffer from backache? Do you feel your back has become stiff by sitting late hours for work? Corsets are a great way to reduce backache. Even doctors recommended wearing corsets to patients suffering from backache.

See, there are so many reasons to wear corsets, looking good is just one of them.

Waist Trainers are usually made of thick fabric and hard metal boning that can be clinched-up with a lacing system, hooks, or Velcro. Corsets are tight as their task is to uplift certain body parts and compress others. They are tighter than a girdle or shaping undergarments and provide a smaller and sleeker waist. Amazing results are achieved by wearing the waist training corsets for months.

Wholesale Next is a leading alternative clothing manufacturer and designs a wide variety of corsets, corset dresses, corset accessories, alternative clothing and much more, ranging from front-zip corselette, quality-made PVC, punk-lock under bust outfit, and other customized costumes.

Corsets these days are available in many different shapes, colors, fit as well as pattern. Apart from that, these can be underbust, overbust; you can choose if you want more curves or fewer curves steel and plastic boning corsets that are worn either under or over the clothes. The great thing about corsets is you can wear them over your clothes well and style them in a million different ways. Corsets have more intricate designs as well. They can also include frills and stylish beads so that it can accentuate and enhance a few parts and suppress different parts of the body.

Materials of a corset

The material of corsets is an important thing to consider while buying the corset. You will see corsets in different fabrics; you can choose them as per your requirements and look amazing. You can team up corsets with different outfits to create a new look every day. Some of the popular corset materials are.


 Satins corsets are perfect if you are looking to wear them underneath your clothes. You get the perfect hourglass figure, and nobody can know you are wearing a corset to attain perfect silhouette.


Cotton corsets are comfortable to wear and perfect to accentuate your curves. Cotton is very comfortable and light to wear. Cotton corsets are generally worn over your clothes. You can wear them with dresses and t-shirts as well. Pick whatever you like. The great thing about cotton corsets is that they are highly durable.


If you are looking for something sturdy and thick, go for brocade corsets. Mostly they are made of polyester blend. Brocade corsets not only give you all the benefits of a corset but are great as a fashion accessory as well.


Leather corsets provide everything- style, comfort, and durability. They look stunning when you wear them over clothing and provide you a desirable figure. Leather corsets are a celebrity favourite. They make a simple outfit look stylish and expensive. The  Mesh Corset-  You think corsets will be uncomfortable in summers? Not at all! Try mesh corsets. They are ultra-light, breathable, which makes them great for summers. You can wear mesh corsets under or over your clothes. The choice is all yours.

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