Garment Manufacturing Services

garment manufacturing

Building Bridges :

Specializing in Corsets and introducing

  • Alternative Wear
  • Subculture Clothing
  • Ladies Corset
  • Vintage Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Genuine Leather Garments
  • Tops

Services Providing

With introducing such a wide range of fashion wear for our fashion conscious customers, we come up with an individually owned manufacturing unit based in India providing all the manufacturing services since 2013 on the brand and tags. Services are provided for;

  1. B2B Customers
  2. Dropship Customers
  3. Wholesale Customers

What we have for you?

  • Designing

    Designing is the first and foremost step of manufacturing of product. Here, the exchange of ideas take place between the customer and are efficient, skilful and experienced designers. Our designers make sure to match your expectations for the products. We come up with new and trending design templates for our customers.

  • Pattern Making

    Pattern Making serves as a bridge between the production and designing process and we understand how important a pattern is for a product. Our experienced pattern designers work on CAD Grading and we first trace the patterns on fabric, get the designed approved and proceed further with the next step.

  • Sampling

    Sampling process involves a production commitment. Since every design varies in requirements, fabric consumption, trims and accessories. We quote a more accurate price for your placed order for making a counter sample.

  • Fabric’s Design and Development

    Fabric design and development is key factor kept in care while manufacturing a product. With our advise, we review option on designs and its appropriate fabrication. Review is conducted by our experienced and professionalised designers which includes looking on weaves, printing techniques used, washes and finishes.

  • Tags and Labelling of Products

    Tags and labelling of products gives brand value to any manufactured product. We assist your product with establishing and implementing quality standards and best practices. On site evaluation of products can be made available on demand and we ensure tags and labelling’s are applied correctly as per your specifications.

  • Production

    We shall oversee that the production process is carried carefully for your product development. And a proper communication is done with the concerned departments assuring to scheduled delivery of order placed. This may include approval through various departments for colouring of product, sourcing of fabric, size availability of product, labelling and tags of product and other specifications.

  • Placing Order

    Placing order require some conditions. Our order minimums are 20,000 pieces per style and a minimum of 10 pieces in total. Usually, the minimum order production depends upon the minimum production of product. We cater our B2B customers, small business enterprises, wholesalers. Our services are priced on a competitive level. We shall fulfil your requirement and mould the specifications of the product if required.

  • Delivery

    Delivery date is scheduled once you place order with us. Timely delivery of product is assured from our end. Every delivery option is available for our customers.

Our pursuit of Fair Pricing means your goods can go to market at best price possible. Try Us, we shall assure you to fulfil your expectations and join hands for future terms. For meeting your product desires, Contact Us Now!